Value Invest is about building succession plans, providing new opportunities, and maintaining a legacy. Value Invest grew from the fact that many Value Drug Mart and other business owners were looking to sell their stores but had no real succession plan. In addition, young pharmacists no longer had the opportunity to own their own stores—costs were prohibitive and no one was lending the capital required to start their own business.

Value Invest is a subsidiary of Value Drug Mart Associates Ltd. and was established to help independent pharmacy owners create a succession plan for their businesses by way of selling their store to young, entrepreneurial pharmacists through Value Invest. To date we have successfully accomplished this with nine store owners who are now enjoying retirement as their store remains operating as an independent in their community. If you are interested in discussing the future of your pharmacy with Value Invest please contact us today.

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Ted Richardson is a member of the Value Invest Board of Directors. He is also a former Value Drug Mart store owner who sold his two stores in Lethbridge to a competing corporation in the early 90’s. “I didn’t have many options,” says Richardson. “I only wish Value Invest had been around back then. I didn’t have the opportunity to maintain the legacy I created. And when you believe in the philosophy and potential of independent pharmacy like I did, and still do, you can only rejoice when you see such an innovative program like Value Invest.”

Darryl Vinet and Pat Dobush are the former owners of Vegreville Value Drug Mart who sold their store to Value Invest in 2008. “It wasn’t just a business decision to sell to Value Invest,” says Darryl, “it was also a personal decision. When you’ve put as much time and effort into running a business as independent owners do and when you’ve helped create a success story like we’ve done with our fellow partners in Value Drug Mart, you want the name to stay in the community.

We couldn’t be happier that we were able to sell to Value Invest and that they were able to find young owners who have the drive and determination to keep the Value Drug Mart legacy alive and well in Vegreville,” adds Pat.

In 2008, Value Invest purchased the Wetaskiwin Value Drug Mart from Ron Bailey. “When it comes to selling your store there are a lot of factors to look at,” says Ron. “Business is business, after all, but when you look back at what you’ve created, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that the Value Drug Mart name, the name you worked so hard to establish and grow, will remain in the community after my involvement with it is over. “Value Invest was not only a good business decision,” Ron says, “but a business decision that felt good.”

Value Invest is in an open to buy position

Our business plan allows us to acquire any pharmacy, not just Value Drug Mart stores

We acquire stores at fair market value

We will work with you to manage your individual succession plan and the transition

We pride ourselves on maintaining the legacy that you have worked so hard to build in your community

The next generation of owners are young, energetic and eager to learn from you and your staff

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of acquiring your store
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