While each of our owners may have a different background, a different set of skills, and a different story, they all have one thing in common; the desire to stop working for someone else, and own their own business. Click above to hear why they chose to own their own Pharmacy.
To put it simply, we’re in the business of helping pharmacists become owners of their own established stores in an established market.

Value Invest is a company that gives recent pharmacy graduates or pharmacists who are mired in corporate positions the very real opportunity to step directly into an ownership role. We offer a program that not only finds ownership opportunities for pharmacists but also assists them financially to become full owners.

Value Invest was originally created as a succession plan for existing independent pharmacy owners and an opportunity for young pharmacists to enter into ownership. With participation in the Value Drug Mart program, owners get the best of all worlds - independence with the support of a Central Office for purchasing power, store management, marketing programs and all of the other facets of business ownership and operations.

If you’ve recently graduated or have been working for some time but don’t have the capital to become an owner, contact Value Invest to make ownership a reality. If you have the drive and the ambition, we have the opportunity.

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